Basement Conversions

Basement Conversions and Remodeling in South East London

Basement Conversions

If you need more space or just fancy the luxury of having a playroom or even a swimming pool then a basement conversion is the way forward (or downward!)

Through our basement conversion services, we create beautiful underground architectural spaces. OBC Building can offer you a highly personalised basement conversion service carried out by our specialists in basement excavation and cellar conversions.

Basement conversions in Royal Hill Greenwich by OBC
Basement conversion by OBC in Royal Hill, Greenwich

We can value engineer the design of your basement and advise on the best way to waterproof the structure.

For example the basement conversion carried out on the above image was carried out on a narrow period terrace house in Greenwich. The new basement conversion had to be dug and carried out by hand. The below images will give you an idea of the level of upheaval involved in basement conversions and but the end result is well worth the effort.

The drainage of a basement must be considered at an early stage to determine how the space can be used. OBC started undertaking basement projects in the late 90s and have carried out these types of projects across London since.

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