Underground Space with Vaulted Arch Details

200m2 Underground space with vaulted arch details

At this site, our Bromley Builders successfully excavated 3000 tons of earth to construct this impressive underground space. The structure also emerges out of the ground to the front, which provides a large double garage.

The space underground is ventilated with a high tech heat recovery unit and the building is heated via under floor-wet system. Light is provided by the huge lantern, which will sit nicely within the garden grounds above. The front section of the basement has retro fitted arches to add some character using a combination of second hand London yellow stock bricks and reds for the arch.

This 200m2 underground space with vaulted arch details is in its second stage of development. Here is an image update of the progress so far.

Our Bromley Builders recently started developing an underground space with vaulted arch details.

Finishing images to follow