A Few Outrageous Building Extensions that Caught our Eye

When looking at the many building extensions out there to get some inspiration for your own home extensions in Chislehurst, you are bound to encounter some weird and wonderful ideas that people have had along the way.

Let’s face it; home alterations can come in just about any shape and form these days and when you are adding something to an existing feature, most people like to consider a structure design that will fit in with the rest of the building. In our many years of service we have seen some strange things and encountered some unusual requests, but none quite as strange as these:

Unusual building extensions you might not want to consider for your Chislehurst home
The floating room – this building extension is an additional room or space that has simply been added onto this building. It looks a bit precarious and we are interested to know if you would feel safe in it?

home extension

The UFO – this building extension is designed to look just like a UFO complete with ramp to disembark. We aren’t sure what these home owners were thinking, but their property is sure to have received a bit of attention from alien enthusiasts.

alien home extension

The Shark attack home extension – this home owner decided that having a shark protruding from their roof was a great idea! We think not! Definitely not recommended!

Home alterations can create additional space for you and your family to enjoy and can also increase the value of your property. Remember that a poorly planned home extension for your Chislehurst home can negatively affect the appearance and value of your property.

If you are looking for professional builders in Chislehurst to advise you on your home extension options, take the time to contact us at OBC today.