Home Refurbishments that we Love!

It is normal to shop around for ideas and inspiration when it comes to home refurbishment for your Chislehurst home. While we have seen some fairly outrageous and unusual home refurbishment projects underway, there has been one that we thought stood out from the rest. Which one is it?

It is the National Heritage church in Essex that has been converted into a home. The church dates back to the 1890’s and features old world charm married to modern day luxury and elegance. There is only one way to describe this refurbishment and that is as “simply phenomenal.”


From the image of the refurbished church you can see that the high roof features beams and panels that have been restored to bring out their beautiful wooden appeal. Noticeably, the staircase and floors have also been redone to complete the modern and sleek design. The interesting old school church stained windows have been kept in place and restored to their former glory. These windows provide ample lighting which makes the home feel open, spacious and airy. The open plan appeal and decor really does finish off the look quite nicely.

While you might not have this in mind for your home refurbishment in Chislehurst, it certainly does give you an idea of how any space can be converted into something that looks glorious and is unquestionably functional too.

Of course this is not the only church that has ever been converted or refurbished for the purpose of becoming a home. Among the other refurbished churches that we liked is the 1892 Anglican Church in Melbourne.


This old fashioned church perfectly combines the old with the new and you can even see that a few extensions have been added to provide additional space. We simply love the cosy appearance of this church’s exterior while we know all too well that the open plan living space inside provides ample space and a modern appeal.

If you would like to learn more about home refurbishments in Chislehurst, take the time to talk to leading builders in the field – chat to us at OBC. Our Chislehurst builders will ensure that you are provided with enough information and guidance to plan the perfect alteration or conversion for your home.