Building Extensions Bromley – Some Ideas for Your Home

In the UK, space within the home is a luxury, but this does not mean that you are forever limited by your home’s current structure and size. There are various opportunities for building extensions in Bromley and with the right builders on your side, you can capitalise on, and even create space where you never thought you could before.

Let’s start by taking a look at kitchens in Bromley. The heart of most homes, you are perhaps concerned that your kitchen doesn’t have the space you would like, possibly even feeling a bit cramped. Why not consider a side extension for your home where you can incorporate a little extra space and maybe even create a quaint breakfast area for the family to enjoy a meal together. We loved the idea in this image:


While homes in the UK can be built quite close together; there is often some space to be found in the front or the back of the house. Why not convert this area into a single storey space? You can use it as a television room, dining room, enclosed entertainment area or similar. We like this idea in the image below:

If your home has a veranda, perhaps it’s time to incorporate some of the space that it can provide into the home. You can consider enclosing the veranda and using the extra space to extend the rooms just inside it. Perhaps you can make a larger kitchen or sitting room. Maybe even your bedroom can be made larger. Check with your Bromley builder on the options available to you and consider an idea similar to the one depicted in this image:


These are just a few of the ideas that we appeal to us. The options are certainly endless! If you would like further advice and guidance on building extensions for your Bromley home, you should get in touch with us at OBC Building today.