Basement Conversions that we Love!

The basement of your Bromley home might be forgotten about, but it doesn’t have to be. Just think about all of the wasted space that you could be putting to good use. Gone are the days where basements were simply locked and ignored.

For the best basement conversions in Bromley you should be careful to hire the right building company. Before you can do that, it’s best to have a basement conversion idea in mind and we have compiled a few great ones that we simply love:
•    Rock themed indoor swimming pool – now this is a basement pool worth showing off. Professional builders in Bromley will be able to create the rock-like effect and ensure that your pool is installed professionally.


•    Entertainment room with mini climbing wall and “fort” house for the kids – this basement simply oozes charm. Any family with young children will simply love this idea as it provides a zone for the children to relax, unwind and get active. What’s more is that as the children grow you can simply change the theme of the room.

Entertainment room

•    Movie room with starry night ceiling – you can really add some charm and magic to your basement cinema by creating a starry night ceiling. Your chosen building company in Bromley will be able to advise you on various types of ceiling finishes available.

movie room

Remember that a basement conversion is something that requires the services of professional builders. There are often regulations in place governing conversions and often you will need to consider the foundations of the property and that of your neighbours. To ensure that everything is done right, turn to us at OBC Building for up-to-date information and advice on how to go about your basement conversion in Bromley.