Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions

A great way to add an extra dimension to your home is to add a loft conversion. They not only add to your living space but also increase the value of your property.

First considerations

When considering a loft conversion many people weigh up the cost of the conversion against the value it will add to their property. OBC can provide you with an accurate quote to help keep you on budget and advise on where savings can be made. Generally, peoples ideas don’t always match the cost of the loft conversion project but we can advise on savings whilst maximising the potential for your loft conversion.

The most important question to ask first is whether your loft can be converted. OBC can advise on permitted development and give you initial ideas on how the loft conversion could be laid out. If other properties on your street have loft conversions then there’s a very good chance that your property will be able to be converted.

How is your roof built?

The height of your existing roof needs to be over 2 metres in height and most likely your existing loft will have either Trusses or rafters. Trusses tend to support the roof in shapes like triangles and rafters run along the edge of your roof. With Trusses, extra structural work will need to be considered if you are looking to make the most of the new space.

How will you access the loft conversion?

Consideration of where the new staircase will lead to the loft conversion is also very important. There are options of space-saving and spiral staircases but they all need to lead somewhere and that could be into a room or the existing landing.

Loft conversions in Greenwich by OBC, view looking out from a kitchen with 3 roof lights and small veranda.
Roof conversion in Greenwich by OBC

The different types of Loft conversions

Roof light conversions.

These tend to be the cheapest form of loft conversion and don’t involve any changes to the shape of the roof. With the use of roof lights or Velux windows and the installation of a staircase and sturdy floor, these are the cheaper option as long as your roof space has the height to accommodate it.

Mansard conversions

These run the length of your roof and give you a lot more internal height space. If you were considering adding a bedroom with an en-suite to your loft conversion then using this type of build would be an option. These tend to be the more costly of loft conversions.


Dormers are the most versatile option and tend to be suitable for almost all slopping roofs. They are cheaper than Mansard conversions and still provide additional headroom space.

OBC provide an Architectural service that will walk you through all the necessary building regulations and planning and structural needs. We’ll provide a clear budget and work closely with you so to minimise the amount of upheaval a loft conversion project can cause.

OBC Building can design and build your loft according to your unique specifications, leaving you to do the fun part of picking out colours and furnishings for your new living space.

Please get in touch with Richard who will be happy to organise a site survey or online consultation to kick start your loft conversion project.

For further information on loft conversions, ‘Which’ have a very good guide here.

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