Complete rebuild of a detached house in Bromley

OBC have completed a rebuild of a detached house in Bromley

It may seem a strange thing to almost completely knock down an existing building and almost rebuild it from scratch but it may not be as odd as it sounds and may make more financial sense.

OBC Sherbourne work in progress
The extent of the strip out
Completed rebuild of a detached house
The finished rebuild

Although the finished building doesn’t look out of character with its surroundings the interior and extra space achieved made this development worth the effort for the customer.

Not only was the initial brief from the client to develop a striking new interior but they wanted to future proof it with amazing automated lighting and audiovisual systems.

Starting from the top down, a stunning new cinema room with integrated audio was fitted in the new roof space. A large flat-screen TV was integrated into the wall with no wires to be seen along with a specialised audio system, installed by audio and visual experts Home Philosophy.

Home cinema room in roof space with TV inset into wall
Home cinema with inset TV and audio system with strip lighting
Heatmiser home heating control system
Heatmiser home heating control system

OBC designed and built a new large bedroom with a classic walk-in ensuite with fitted wardrobes into the opposite side of the new roof space.

OBC Selected Dormer shot
Bedroom dormer with fitted wardrobes
White tiled shower next to fitted lighted mirror
Walk-in the ensuite shower room

Moving down to the floor below, a master bedroom and 2 large bedrooms were designed and fitted. The master bedroom is fitted with dimmable ceiling strip lighting and a classic ensuite bathroom finished in dark wood and white. A walk-in wardrobe was designed with a skylight and fitted wardrobes to opposite sides of the room.

Master bedroom with dimmable ceiling strip lighting
Master bedroom with dimmable ceiling lights
Ensuite bathroom in dark wood and marble finish
Ensuite bathroom in dark wood and marble
Walk in fitted wardrobes with roof light
Walk-in wardrobe with skylight

Walk in wardrobe from master bedroom
Entrance to walk-in wardrobe
Bedroom ceiling lighting with strip and central lamp shade
Dimmable bedroom ceiling lights

Two other rooms and a bathroom were fitted on the first floor. Incorporating a full length fitted children’s wardrobe and another separate bathroom.

Full length fitted childrens wardrobe
Full length fitted wardrobe
Modern bathroom with marble tiled walls, dark wood doors and narrow radiator
First-floor bathroom finished in marble

Moving to the ground floor. OBC has been working closely with audio and automation experts Home Philosophy and they advised on the installation of the bespoke lighting systems using Lutron and the installation of inset wall tvs.

OBC Selected Living room
Inset flatscreen TV above the insulated log burner
Hallway with strip lighting in the ceiling
Entrance hallway ceiling strip lighting

This extensive rebuild of a detached house from the 1940s is complemented with a nod to its past with the installation of Critall patio doors. A dark wood kitchen in bright south facing kitchen diner really brings out the grain in the dark wooden cabinets.

Kitchen and diner area with tiled floors and Critall doors leading to garden
Darkwood fitted kitchen
Critall patio doors and roof light in Bromley new build
Critall patio doors and roof light

Finally, we come to the garden and the newly built garden room. The landscaped garden leads up to the garden room which has been fitted with underfloor heating and installed with its own kitchenette and bathroom.

Garden room with landscaped garden
Landscaped garden
Garden room with underfloor heating and fitted bathroom
Garden room with underfloor heating

All in all this project was the kind of work we love, in-depth and detailed with a high level of finish which the client was exceptionally pleased with.

If you would like to consider OBC for your project, get in touch with Richard here.

Rear view of 3 storey new build in Bromley
Rearview of the rebuild of a detached house in Bromley

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