Architectural Services

Providing professional Architectural support services

Our Architectural services cover the entire building and construction process. Whether you need assistance with your Planning application or permissions, our experienced team will see your project through from start to finish.

We can help in the costing of your project and keeping it on budget as well as circumnaviagting the sometimes daunting planning process.

We can maximise the potential of your project with the wealth of experience our team have attained. We have particular experince in renovation of period buildings, detailing, using classic building techniques and incorporating modern essential features.

OBC’s array of services, allow you to choose a service that will suit the unique requirements of your building project.

Our planning and architectural process involves a series of approvals as set out below:

  1. Contact and guide on costs
  2. Appointment on site to discuss feasible options
  3. Draft Plans drawn up and agreed with client on layout and design
  4. Plans finalised and submitted to the local authority
  5. Planning approved
  6. Structural details and building regulation Application submitted
  7. Construction
  8. Completion and final certificate from Building Control

At OBC building we have been dealing with the planning and building control aspect of construction since our establishment in 1979. Architectural planning is something that OBC has been doing naturally for the past few decades and we have now formally included this into our service offerings.

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