Library and pavilion construction, Chislehurst

Library with spiral wine cellar and garden pavilion

At this site in Kent, OBC are undertaking a very exciting project made up of two parts. The existing property is an old inn dating back to the eighteenth century.

The Library

The new library will be built on the location of the old conservatory. It will be a combination of new and old and will have the luxury of a fully recessed wine cellar sunken into the ground. The wine cellar will be accessed via a glass motorised door which allows you step down a spiral staircase. As you descend the wine surrounds you sitting on shelves that line the perimeter of the cellar. This particular cellar will have the capacity to store 1600 bottles. Ventilation is a achieved by vents to an outside wall. Another nice touch will be a linear skylight running the whole length of the roof.

The Pavilion

On the same site but within the gardens OBC is creating a Pavilion which will have a green roof . The system from Germany allows a plant such as sedum to grow on the roof. This can be very useful for areas where planning consent could be an issue. The pavilion will be clad with timber at different angles to give this building a natural but contemporary look and along with large folding doors and windows it will become a stunning garden room.

OBC Building completed this contemporary extension project in Beckenham. Beneath you’ll find the final showcase for this project.