What to do with those basement stairs

Home owners have a tendency to focus a lot of attention on converting the basement into a great looking and functional space, while not a lot of consideration is given to the stairs themselves.

A Chiselhurst basement conversion is simply unfinished without a great set of stairs and if you have something unique and interesting planned for this space, you can really incorporate a great theme and atmosphere from top-to-bottom!

You might be racking your brain for some ideas on stairs and how to convert your current ones into something more eye-catching yet functional. We found some interesting and creative ideas or you to consider:

These stairs are used going into the basement at a skateboard school and are quite effective! While they blend perfectly with the design, they are also affordable to acquire and are absolutely functional. The skateboard theme could also work quite well with games rooms or teen pads.skateboard-steps
Inspirational stairs are a nice touch if you want the family to feel inspired and positive. These stairs feature short messages that can be painted on, applied on (vinyl stickers) or stencilled on.

writing on stairs

Bicycle storage stairs are great if you want to convert your basement without compromising on all of the additional storage space that it offers you. You can find bicycle hangers at your local hardware store or from your trusted builder in Chiselhurst.


Fun slide staircases are great if you have kids and want to keep their home entertainment at its ultimate. You can experiment with different materials for your slide and keep a staircase to the side of it – just to ensure that getting back up isn’t a struggle! Try bright colours and make sure that you scatter some cushions on the floor at the bottom for a soft landing.

These are just a few themes for your basement staircase to get your creative juices flowing. For more exciting ideas for your basement conversion, consult with your professional builders in Chiselhurst and start planning today.