Swanky and unusual building extensions and home conversions

When considering building extensions or even more involved home conversions, you are bound to have a wealth of ideas of your own.

If you want your ideas brought to life you will need to consult with professional builders in Chiselhurst. The fact of the matter is that the success of any extension or alteration to your home will depend on the viability of your new design as well as the skill and experience of your chosen builder. A quick look at just how those with limitless budgets go about their conversions is sure to give you a creative boost.

Here are just a few of the top-notch creative building extensions and home conversions across the globe:
This home in Crystal Palace in Britain has converted its loft / attic into the interior of a space shuttle themed play room, complete with computers and sliding cockpit seats for the entertainment of children. This building extension or loft conversion is one that has inspired many parents to create exceptional play areas for their children within the home.
(insert space shuttle loft pic here)

This home is called the “Ice Cube House” and is situated in Brixton. It is an award winning home extension made from glass and steel. Concrete is also used to create the appearance of cantilevered boxes. This is a great example of how any appearance can be created with the right materials. There are 3 floors and the home has a soakaway front yard that is used for harvesting rainwater.


Shropshire’s Stone Miners Cottage is the perfect example of how to link a building to a conservatory. The cottage itself is delightfully quaint and the use of timber beams to link it to the unusual conservatory, designed for relaxation and enjoying a cup of warm tea, are very much in keeping with it’s charm. This cottage has been designed with more of a country appeal, set out in the fields and surrounded by hay stores and sheds.

These are just a few examples of the building extensions that have been carried out in Britain over the years. Your chosen Chiselhurst builders will be able to present you with modern, elegant and functional options and ideas.