Renovations and Interior Design – What you need to know about accreditations.

It is one thing to decide that your UK home needs a spruce up, it is quite another putting your desires into action. Renovations and interior design can be fun and quite rewarding, but there is a great deal of planning that needs to go into it, and of course you will need to rely quite heavily on the services of a professional building company. While local builders may make claims about being the best or the most affordable, the proof is really in their previous works, their accomplishments and accreditations.

Below you will learn all you need to about the various building councils and federations operating in the UK and why you should only trust building and construction companies that are members of these:

NHBC – National House Building Council
The task of the NHBC is to provide consumer protection to homeowners and to also ensure that the standard of quality offered by building companies is upheld. Builders registered with NHBC will have agreed to adhere to a strict set of standards with regards to building materials used, quality of workmanship and designs, when it comes to home building, renovations and similar.

EBC – European Builders Confederation
The main goal of the EBC is to promote, represent and defend the interests of construction companies and SMEs. In order to do so, all members of the EBC must adhere to various building and construction regulations and a high standard of quality at all times. Building companies registered with the EBC are legally obliged to provide clients with a certain level of service.

FMB – Federation of Master Builders
The FMB has a code of practice in place that all members have to adhere to. When using a building company that is FMB accredited you will have peace of mind that the building company undergoes regular inspections and company checks. Every job is governed by the code of practice and homeowners may make use of the free dispute resolution service if they are unhappy with any building tasks.

TrustMark is a quality mark and assurance that certain companies bearing this mark in the repair, maintenance and improvement sector are operating according to a certain set of rules and standards. To ensure that consumers are protected, TrustMark carries out annual audits on its members to guarantee that complaints procedures, processes and standards are being dealt with correctly and met.

It is imperative to place your trust only in building companies that have been approved or accredited by one or more of the above-mentioned federations and councils. Take your home and its comfort to the next level with absolute peace of mind that your chosen building and construction team has what it takes to complete the task to perfection, with professionalism.