Renovations – Dream Lofts and Basements for Creative Individuals – Ideas to get you started!

Basement and loft conversions are all the rage and have been for quite some time now. More and more UK residents and homeowners are becoming aware of just how much a loft of basement conversion can do for home comfort, and of course property value. Money aside, you might be keen to transform your loft or basement into a sought out zone of the home where you can explore your artistic or creative talent and the ideas below just might help to get your creative interior design juices flowing.

Top loft conversion idea

The darkroom – this sounds like it could be used for just about anything, but specifically for the photography enthusiast, a loft can be an amazing place to create a dark room, set up your digital editing space and really sprawl out with your creative. There will be no need for your building firm to incorporate a window into this loft area which is quite ideal when it comes to budgeting. With strategically planned spot lighting and a designated dark zone you can prepare to be completely enveloped by your photography hobby room.  In the image below you can see how a designated dark room zone can be quite effectively created without requiring too much space.

Top Basement Conversion Idea

The artists pad – if you are an artist that likes to draw, paint, sketch…create, then chances are that you need your own personal space to do it in. Somewhere you can feel inspired and in touch with your talent and passion. Many artistic individuals have taken to turning their basements into a creative zone where the rules and restrictions of everyday life simply don’t apply. The market has seen some amazing layouts and designs. You can adorn the walls with your own works of art or that of your favourite artists, to keep you focused and inspired. The image below shows how you can make use of storage options to capitalise on space without compromising on the creative touch.

These are just two top ideas for basement and loft conversions that would be appreciated by creative and artistic individuals. Ensure that your home offers you a place to explore and expand on your passions and hobbies. Gather quotes from local building corporation and prepare to benefit from your conversions today.