Lofty decisions

Deciding to convert your loft space can be tricky.  The obvious thing to consider is whether you can do without the storage space.  If your loft is filled with nothing but cobwebs and a few old boxes of obsolete toys, this isn’t a problem.  However, if it is used as a veritable Tardis for things which you promised yourself you’d get to eventually, the loss of that space would be something that needs serious consideration. 

So where do you start?  Budgetary considerations notwithstanding, you need to feel comfortable about your project every step of the way.  So will you hire a contractor or will you do it yourself?  Before you go out and buy your copy of ‘Loft Conversions for Dummies’, here are some things to consider when embarking on a loft conversion:

  • If hiring a contractor, consider negotiating staged payments so that you are in control at every step.
  • Draw up or request weekly plans for the work that will be carried out so that you are aware of what should be happening and when.
  • Have someone sit in the room directly below the conversion and walk around upstairs to determine whether enough soundproofing material has been laid.
  • Consider installing a wet room as opposed to a full bathroom if space is limited.
  • Measure the amount of space that insulation will take away from the available headspace.

An important step is to ask friends for recommendations and suggestions.  The best way to ensure that you get your loft conversion just right is by learning from mistakes that others have made.  And once you start seeking quotes, ensure that you are very clear about what you want.  In the interests of full disclosure, you want to start your relationship with any potential contractor off on the right foot.  Don’t assume anything.  If you need an explanation of something on the quote, just ask.

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