Loft Conversions for the Teen Pad and Bedroom

In the UK, space is a priority and an enviable commodity in most areas. While there is no denying that homes today have space constraints, many do have lofts and a loft conversion can help you to capitalise on existing space. It also significantly increases the value to your property too. If you have a teenager in the house you are probably well aware of just how much space they need and demand, and converting the loft into a teen-bedroom is simply ideal.

If you are considering a Bromley loft conversion it is best to take a look at the portfolio of professional building companies before deciding how to go ahead.
loft-conversionPutting windows in to the side roof sections of the loft is an effective way to open up the space . This will let in some more light and create the feeling of spaciousness. Down lights in the ceiling panels will certainly brighten things up a bit and give that glamorous appeal we all know teenagers love. Teens like to be bold and express themselves so choose your teens favourite colour for the walls and even consider some murals, wall art or even posters to add some interest and make the room more appealing. You should have enough space to incorporate a compact desk, a double bed and even some bean bags for when friends come over to visit. Rest assured that your teen will simply love his or her new pad and personal space.

We love this loft conversion idea with shades of pink. This is definitely the perfect set up for a young teenage girl or student with all the essentials for study, relaxation and chilling – in her own personal space.  You can make the room look even more spacious by using simple and clean fabrics for the bedding and carpet. Mirrors are also a great way to incorporate more light and the illusion of even more space.

It is important to consult with professional Bromley construction companies to ensure that your loft conversion goes ahead without a hitch so that you can focus on the fun stuff – decorating.