Leonid Blavatnik’s Basement Conversion of the Rich and Famous!

Ever heard of Leonid Blavatnik? He is a Russian Tycoon with his wealth estimated to be well over 11 billion pounds. It is no secret that this particular Warner Music Group owner acquired property in the upmarket Kensington Palace Gardens in West London, and then went all out to have the basement conversion of a lifetime carried out on the home.

There were also a few other notable additions and alterations, including the installation of armoured glass for the protection of residents and guests. While we don’t have any properties of such extravagance in Sevenoaks, builders in the area are also busy with some exceptional basement conversions.

Let’s take a look at what Leonid Blavatnik deemed fit for his basement conversion. While this 13-bedroom home with indoor-outdoor pool, which is the only private pool of this type in central London, seems outrageous enough, Leonid could not just stop there. He ventured down into the basement…two storey’s worth! Such excavation on a property of this size would require professional builders in the area to ensure that planning permits are in place and of course that the foundations of the home are not disturbed in any way.

Unfortunately there are no interior images made readily available on the basement, but there have been a few artists’ impressions of what it is believed to look like. The basement conversion features a fully kitted gym, hot tub for extra relaxation, a massage room, a cinema for watching his favourite movies and of course a wine cellar. That’s not all that Leonid has underground at his Kensington Palace Gardens mansion. He also has a “multi-storey” underground car park that can cater to 5 vehicles and is serviced by a car lift!

In mid 2013 Leonid put the home on the market for 200 million pounds, but has been in no real rush to sell it. In fact if it does sell, it will be the most expensive property to be sold in the UK.

While your basement conversion in Sevenoaks might be more humble that Leonid Blavatnik’s, it can be just as impressive if you choose your Sevenoaks building company wisely and plan properly. We hope this has provided some inspiration!

Leonid Blavatnik

The basement conversion