Home Refurbishment and Renovation

With home refurbishment you can unveil the prior glory and aesthetic appeal of your home without compromising on modern elegance and appeal. Refurbishment services offered by local building company professionals will assist you to restore period properties, and this is a service often undertaken across the UK.

Below are some popular refurbishment tasks that you should consider for your home:

•    Fireplace refurbishment – you might not want to rip out the old fashioned fireplace and you don’t have to. You can refurbish your old fireplace to look more modern and appealing by adding a touch of paint to the old-fashioned tiles and bricks. Some paint technique can really change things up a bit. Below is a great before and after examples of how you can change the appeal of an old fashioned looking fireplace.

•    Wooden flooring refurbishment – we have all thought it at one point or another…there is just something so charming about old fashioned wooden floors – if they are kept in good condition that is.  Old-fashioned houses with high ceilings and wooden floors were quite sought after in their time and are still a popular choice for those who like to combine modern elegance with old-fashioned charm. Years of polishing and wear and tear can make wooden floors look dull, dark and worn out. Original wooden flooring can be sanded down, treated and restored to their former glory if you make use of a building company with experience. Below is a great example of just how appealing a refurbished wooden floor can look.

•    Door restoration – many older homes featured elaborate doors with low door handles, stained glass and cornices to match. Unfortunately many of these doors have had the glass removed or have been painted over. In some cases the doors have been completely removed. If you have access to an old door, the best way to capitalise on its aesthetic appeal is to refurbish it. Below is a great example of just how lovely your home’s entrance can be when featuring an old-fashioned stained glass door that has been refurbished. This coupled with your refurbished wooden floors will create an elegant charm that simply cannot be denied.

For more great home refurbishment and restoration ideas be in touch with your local building company.  Only trust TrustMark approved building and construction companies with your home refurbishment tasks!