What is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

Over the months we have looked at a number of designs for lofts once they have been converted, but we haven’t as yet investigated Dormer loft conversions which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Like every other conversion, the idea is to capitalise on space so that the home can provide more and the family does not have to move in order to find additional space. Most loft conversions will use the existing space within the loft/attic, but a Dormer conversion is different. This loft will protrude from the rear of the roof at a 90 degree angle and is stepped back approximately 200mm from the home’s rear wall. Your chosen Sevenoaks builder will use insulated timber frame to construct this conversion and use marine ply on the exterior.

Dormer loft conversions don’t stop there. French doors or even a large window feature, create a radiant natural light. Many home owners want the new loft space to blend in naturally with the existing home’s design, accordingly, they are typically hung externally in tiles or slates that match the existing roof. Of course there are other finishes that can be chosen such as timber, lead, aluminium and so on. How much care and maintenance that is required will depend on the finish that you choose. For instance, timber finishes will require regular care whereas roof tiles will not.

You will find that the average Dormer loft offers a flat roof which is ideal for making the most of the floor space available. Pitched and double pitched roofs are also an option, but do not offer as much usable floor space. In London it is often recommended that you opt for a pitched roof in order to achieve planning consent, as a Loft extension can have quite a big impact on the existing roof.
It is always advised that you chat to a professional planning expert when considering loft conversions in Sevenoaks. A professional builder will be able to advise you on the pros and cons of the conversion you are interested in, arrange the planning consent, and provide you with a quotation to consider before any work on the property is started. View image of typical Dormer loft conversion below.