The Clock Tower Loft – A Masterpiece on Every Level

When looking for inspiration for loft conversions in Chiselhurst why not allow yourself to be inspired by the lofts of the rich and famous.

clocktower-loftTaking a sneak peek at celebrity lofts and chatting to builders in Chiselhurst who can advise you are great ways to go about achieving a loft space that you can really utilise and will be proud to show off. If you are looking for loft conversion inspiration, why not take a look at one of the most interesting and extravagant loft conversions known on a global scale. Where is it? Brooklyn, New York.

The building that the loft is housed in is called The Clocktower Building and used to operate as a cardboard box factory in 1915. As you might have already guessed, the building featured a clock tower on its upper level. While the impressive tower certainly demanded attention, it was considered wasted space by the owners and as a result was converted into a luxurious and modern penthouse in 1998.

What makes this loft conversion so unique? The walls feature a collection of four 14ft glass clocks and the natural light that spans and dances across the penthouse is simply spectacular. The penthouse offers 3.5 bedrooms and an unmatched 360-degree view of the city below. The ceilings are incredibly high, the private elevator is made of enclosed glass and the sky-roof cabana is completely private. Such extravagance in a loft conversion is rarely seen or possible.

Clocktower-loft2The designers truly capitalised on the idea of space and light with this conversion and as you can see in the images the light laminate flooring complements the fact that the unit is sleek, completely open and airy. By the same token there is no need for curtains or blinds, which emphatically emphasises the impression of space and elegance. The custom kitchen is by Canova and features gleaming lacquer cabinets with sandstone and stainless steel countertops. The entire loft is designed for functionality and flow.

We have been asking ourselves just how much we would spend on such a loft conversion…? Co-incidentally the loft is on the market for 18 million dollars with a local estate agent. With many interested buyers, we hope that someone gets to enjoy this space soon.
This is just a sneak peek at what type of loft conversions have been made possible by property owners with a dream, determination and a good building company on their side. If you are interested in a loft conversion for your home, speak to professional builders in Chiselhurst and see just how they can bring your dreams and ideas of a loft conversion to life.