Building greener homes with Hempcrete

Globally people are realising that concern devoid of action is not enough when it comes to the state of the environment. The media have taken the gap and creative environmental and “greener living” exploits are making headlines. At OBC Bromley builders we need to take note of ‘carbon neutral’ materials and techniques that are becoming more prominent.

The growing demand for Eco-friendly Building Techniques

Our OBC Builders in Bromley, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks form part of an industry that is subject to constant change. The building industry is continually evolving along with contemporary sociological demands and technology. An increased awareness of the environment has led many people to invest in homes that promote environmental sustainability.

The building industry has witnessed a wave of new developments and innovations where construction methods and materials are concerned. At OBC Bromley Builders we realise that in order to cut down on C02 emissions we need to use sustainable techniques and materials.

Carbon Neutral homes seem to be a new buzz phrase in the realm of eco-friendly living. It is important for building companies such as OBC Building in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Bromley to stay up to date with the latest innovations in the field of carbon neutral building. Hempcrete; a new eco-friendly alternative to concrete seems to be making waves in the construction industry.

Hempcrete; An eco-friendly alternative

Hempcrete is a mixture of hemp hurds and lime and sometimes contains sand, pozzolans or cement. Articles and information that cover this interesting building material are currently circulating the web. All the evidence seems to point to the benefits of using hempcrete as a ‘greener’ (in the context of the environment) alternative to conventional concrete mixes.

In recent article on the author discussed the environmental benefits of using ‘hemcrete’ during the construction process. The UK-based BRE Center for Innovative Construction Materials at the University of Bath discovered that “hemp” turns into a durable, lightweight composite building material when combining it with a lime-based adhesive.

What are the environmental benefits?

Hempcrete is made up of lime and hemp. The combination of these two elements prevents the hemp from emitting the C02 when it decomposes.

Foundation walls that are made of hempcrete are stronger, lighter and more elastic than those made of concrete.

This building material is fire and waterproof, resistant to insects, rodents and rotting.

Hempcrete exhibits a strength and flexibility that makes it crack-resistant and ideal for earthquake prone areas.

Hempcrete can be used through entire buildings during the construction process to achieve airtightness.

This natural material is fairly simple to apply and even unskilled people can have a go at it. Hempcrete will also act as an insulator and moisture regulator.

This material is not as brittle as cement and it won’t require expansion joints.

Pipes and building stones can also be made from hempcrete. These pipes are resistant to cracking and have greater flexibility and elasticity.

The registered name for this innovative concrete base, is: Tradical® Hemcrete® and it’s a registered trademark of Lime Technology in the UK. At OBC building we look forward to a new developments and innovation in the building and construction industry. Our Bromley builders aim to implement building techniques and materials that will promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Visit our website’s green page to find out more.