Building Extensions – Extend Your Living Room Space

Bromley building extensions seem to be common practice for those who long for more space in their homes without having to move to a new house. When considering an extension or addition for your home, you will undoubtedly find that this can add value to your home as well as provide you with the opportunity to enjoy more space. renovated-houseWith the assistance of a professional building company you can ensure that the technical work is handled for you, while you focus on the fun part – the decorating.

Owning property in the UK can open up a whole lot of opportunities to have precisely the type of home that you want and need. As your family grows and the requirements of the family unit change, your home can grow with you. In Bromley many home owners have taken the time and effort to plan and expand on their living room space. Such an extension can offer a wealth of benefits not just in terms of space, but in letting more light in too.

In the image on the side you will see how one home owner has chosen to extend the living room space into the garden or courtyard area. By making use of big wooden frames and glass window panes an element of even more space is made possible. What’s more is that this family can now also enjoy a bit more sunshine too.
While this modern and elegant extension allows for spaciousness, there is the task of selecting the right window coverings. You can really take your pick at options in fabric types – just make sure that they complement your existing furniture and colour scheme. Curtains will ensure privacy and can make the room look cosy while blinds will not infringe on your new found feeling of space and will offer a crisp and clean finished look.

Make sure that you chat to professional building companies in Bromley to ascertain just how much work will be involved, what the costs will be and of course to learn more about the regulations in place for buildings in your particular area.  With the assistance of a construction company on your side, you can ensure that the integrity of your home’s building is not compromised while your dream extension is brought to life.