Best building extension ideas for your home!

The UK has seen many home interior design trends that focus on letting in more light and capitalising on space, but this is not all the building extensions market is all about. With the right building company you can truly transform your home and enjoy a wealth of other benefits in addition to more space and better light.

Below are a few firm favourites when it comes to extensions and conversions that you are sure to love:

  • The double-sided fireplace – dining rooms and lounges that are separated with walls can tend to appear quite poky and cramped. If you want to open up the room without doing away with the separation then a modern double-sided fireplace could be the answer. Benefits of this include a more spacious and airy appeal for the room, more light can be let into both areas of the home, and the warmth of the fireplace will fend off the winter chills. Below is a great example of the aesthetic appeal of such a fireplace.
  • The glass window seat – this is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while being indoors. The perfect reflection zone or reading spot can be created by this ultra modern window seat design. It is perfect for an addition onto a bedroom, lounge or even kitchen area. Inspiration comes from the picture below where you can see just how perfect this zone can be for relaxing, unwinding and clearing your mind after a busy day or week. Another great benefit of this window is all the additional light that it will allow into the room it is attached to.
  •  Unique storage conversions – many homes in the UK suffer in the face of storage challenges. If you family has a large collection of collectables or books then you can really get creative converting your walls and stair case areas into unique storage and display space. While this saves space it also looks absolutely great! Below is an image of a great stair case conversion where books and valuables can be stored and displayed for aesthetic appeal and functionality.

These are just a few great inspirations to consider for your building extensions at home. Your local building company will be able to provide you with useful information, advice and guidance when it comes to building and construction ideas. Happy home design planning!