Basement Conversions – The Laundry Room

Everyone loves the idea of a basement conversion in Bromley that can help you to capitalise on space and add value to the property, but what can you really do with your basement if you aren’t looking to add on an extra bedroom or cinema? Laundry rooms are a popular option and for good reason.

No one wants to have their dirty (or clean) laundry on display around the home, and if you want an area where you can discreetly wash, fold and organise laundry, the basement is the perfect zone.

laundry roomThere are many creative ways in which you can include your washer and dryer as well as other laundry related equipment and accessories in the basement space. With the help of professional builders in Bromley you can also avoid the various damp or moisture concerns that your equipment and laundry processes might cause. The basement will need to be properly waterproofed and sealed and you will need to make use of dehumidifiers – to ensure that the area remains clean and free from moisture at all times.

We love this great idea for a laundry room below. Here you can see how the rough industrial look has been capitalised on; while simple baskets for each family member help to subtly personalise the space – and this can often make the tiresome task of laundry less daunting. Detergents and accessories can be hidden away and stored in spacious cupboards, and you can even incorporate tea and coffee making facilities so that you can enjoy a cup of your favourite refreshment while sorting out your laundry loads.

Remember that basement conversions in Bromley come with their various challenges. More often than not you would be well advised to enlist the services of a professional building company to ensure that your renovations do not interfere with the integrity of the building and that you are adhering to the various building and construction regulations. Take your laundry room to a whole new level and do away with those washday blues – the time to start planning your basement conversion is now!