OBC’s Building Joins the FMB

We’ve been in the building and construction industry for 30 years. As a local Bromley Building company we understand the importance of affiliating ourselves with governing bodies that manage and maintain quality control in the London building industry. Our Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Bromley builders are all Trustmark accredited.

As reputable London Borough of Bromley builders, we know of many people who’ve accepted a deal that might look cheap at first but ended being more expensive in the long run. It’s important to carefully consider a builder or building company’s reputation and credentials before allowing them to take on any type of building project for your home or office space.

OBC Building recently became a member of the FMB (Federation of Master Builders). Our affiliation with he FMB means our Bromley builders’ approach and methods have to adhere to standards and measures stipulated by the FMB.

The Federation of Master Builders

The Federation of Master Builders is the largest trade association in the UK, London building industry and was established over 60 years ago. This non-profit trade association was formed to protect the interests of local building firms all over the UK, London and various Eastern Countries. The FMB offers professional advice and support for its members.

Building Companies and builders such as our ownLondon Borough of Bromley builders who associate with the FMB, receive professional advice and support. This enables small to medium sized building companies to run a successful business that adheres to the government’s building and construction regulations.

In order to offer a local service that’s of a professional standard, we measure ourselves against some of the industry’s best. OBC’s Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and London Borough of Bromley builders are all skilled tradesmen and Trustmark approved. So make sure you protect yourself from rogue traders and study their credentials and reputation before you get them to start building that dream home.